Legal Stuff

Stonnington Council has a local law that requires 

“all dogs to be on a leash in all public places except the “off leash” parks provided that the person in charge of the dog carries a chain cord or leash to bring the dog under control if it behves in a manner which threatens any person. Owners must not allow the dog to worry or threaten anyperson or animal. A person in charge of a dog must clean up their litter and must also carry  as suitable bag (Fines apply if not met)”

The fine is $100

 Owners of barking dogs face on-the-spot fines of $50 for a first offence with a barking dog. Fine increases to $150 for the second time and they may face court for any subsequent offences. Later, owners must fit their dogs with citronella collars that spray in the dog's face whenever it barks.

For animals lost or found in STONNINGTON - phone ANIMAL CONTROL DEPARTMENT: 9522 3478 or phone Save-a-Dog Scheme on 0418 389 810 or 9885 1188,

If a dog is in the pound - the release fee is $50 (this increases by $5 after day 4); dogs are put up for sale after being impounded for 8 days or more.    see council contacts